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About The Basic Fitness Program

The Ron Morris Basic Fitness Program is our Flagship program to starting a life of health and fitness -- one that can fit with your lifestyle.  And at only $67 per month, it can fit in your budget too!

It's a Twelve-Week program, delivered over the internet through Video episodes.  Your credit card is charged each month that you remain in the program.  You can review the program and stay enrolled for as long as you wish -- that's up to you.

There are Three videos each week -- and each one is on a distinct topic, and will move your progress forward in a way that you can get your arms around.  That's 36 total episodes full of instruction and practical steps and exercises that impact your physical fitness, your nutrition, and your peace of mind.

You will also receive regular emails from us -- to notify you when new episodes are available, and to support you in your progress.

You have the ability to contact us at any time with any questions or issues you may have, so we can help you be the most effective and successful with the program.

And we've got a few suprises too!

If at the end of the twelve week program and your full participation, you have not benefited from it, you can request a full refund.  (wouldn't it be great if gyms and fitness clubs offered the same deal!).

So make today the day you stop making excuses, and start taking the active steps to a more healthy and fit you!

Available Anywhere & Anytime

Available through the internet on your Favorite Device:

- PC / Mac via web browser

- iPad or Tablet

- iPhone or Smartphone

What can be better than that!


Support When You Need It!

When you've got questions, we're here to help.

Each episode includes a form that allows you to send us any questions, comments, issues, feedback -- you name it.  We're here for you!

"I am grateful to Ron Morris for his fine instruction, but most of all for his sincere interest in my health and his belief in my unlimited potential-physically,psychologically, and spiritually."

Joseph Baliey, Author, Psychologist, trains with Ron Morris

- Joseph Bailey, M.A., L.P.

Psychologist, Consultant, Speaker, &
Author of "FEARPROOF Your Life"