Don't buy the image. Work at it.

Ron MorrisRon Rants about the idea of "buying the image." Too many people waste their money on the quick fixes and look to the superstars for the miracle cures. Stop spending your money on the latest trends. Take care of yourself and take responsibility for your actions. Eat right and do a push up.

Ron on Orthorexia

In this short blog, Ron talks about Orthorexia and how people continue to make excuses about their diet. Ron tells us to stop trying to find explanations and excuses for why we eat poorly or in this case "too well." Have some self control, eat right, and take care of yourself.

The Science of Work Out Music

Science of MusicRon talks about a recent article on the "Science of Music." Claiming that the article is just another excuse for you to do nothing, Ron encourages you to get out and explore. Nature is the only gym you need and you don't need gimmicks to lose weight and get in shape.

Perfect Push Up and the Slackline

Ron Morris

Utilize multiple tools at once and get a greater workout. By using the perfect push up while balancing on the slackline, you will get an incredibly dynamic workout. Use these tips to work on upper body muscles, core and leg strength.

Legs Workout with the Mace

Ron Mace Pistol

Adding the mace to any workout provides a greater challenge, an intense dynamic and helps you get results that much faster. Here Ron shows you the traditional exercise of a pistol but by adding the mace, makes the workout even more challenging and effective.

Core strength, stability and flexibility with the Slack Line

Core stability

The slack line is a great tool to use to work a variety of muscles. There are many simple exercises that you can do that will give you an intense workout and great gains. Check out this simple tip and start gaining strength and stability.

Walking with Maces

Ron Morris and MacesThis simple exercise can go a long way. Just by lifting and extending the maces as you walk, you will feel and see some great gains to number of muscles groups. Give it a try!

Ron Morris on his Gibbon Line

Gibbon Line - Ron MorrisThese gibbon lines are a really nice tool. You have to be very respectful of them, very cautious of them. They will help you strengthen your core muscles and improve balance. The maces are a nice introduction because you can learn to balance, move, and flip flop with the maces.

Slack line and Maces

In the next few blogs, Ron will show you some ways to utilize the slack line. By using the slack line and maces, you can work a variety of muscles. "You can really balance your torso with this, until your body, and your hip flexors, your quadriceps, and your buttocks muscles, your abs, and your obliques all adjust to this. Yes, that's right, it works almost everything, and here at the Hanzo Ranch, we like that."

Swinging the Maces

Use maces to enhance your workouts. These can be intense tools that are really great for the rotator cuff, the lats, the shoulders, and the upper pecs. Learn how to use the mace in a variety of ways to get a full body workout.

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