Drum Major with Maces

Ron Morris

Use familiar movements to create a dynamic workout. The use of the mace, in combination with simple movements, can create productive workouts. Start using this tool and see what kind of positive gains you can achieve.

The Hanzo Stick

Ron Morris and the Mace

A heck of a workout with simple movements. Work on balance, strength, and endurance. An adaptive workout that uses essential and nonessential muscles and forces it all to work together.

Swinging a Mace. Batter Up!

Ron and a MaceRon Shows off one of his new favorite toys.  The Mace. With a little bit of weight and standard movement you can create a great workout. Ron will show you some basic techniques that achieve a great workout.

Fitness and Aging - NO Excuses!

Fitness and Aging - Ron Morris

Ron is excited to see that there are still people in this world that are living healthy. He talks about how inspiring it is to see that a 94 year old woman, Olga, continues to get out and stay fit. "She jogs around, she has friends, she eats real food that exists in the real universe, and she has a purpose in life, a reason to get up and get out."

The State of Physical Fitness

Ron Morris on the State of Physical FitnessPut down the bag of potato chips, get off the couch and go for a run. Ron rants about the poor physical fitness that is taking over america.  Poor eating habits and the inability to do basic exercises is lowering the bar for health goals and fitness requirements.

Ron Rants on Regulations

Ron Morris regulating fitness

Ron discusses a recent article that talks about America's obesity problem. Though one of the suggested solutions in the article calls for more regulation, Ron advocates for personal accoutability and the ability to for an individual take care of themselves.

Maces and Lunges

Maces and lunges

The Mace is an incredible tool that can be used in a variety of ways to build muscle and flexibility. These are simple exercises that get great results. Try these workouts and you'll be feeling the burn fast. 

Fun with 2 Maces

Ron Morris and two maces

The Mace is a workout tool that you don't see much in the gym but it is a great strengthing tool.  Ron shows you some exercises that start easy but increase in intensity with simple variations.  Try out the Mace and explore a whole new way of toning your muscles.

Mace and Bosu

Mace and Bosu

Ron plays with his new toy, the Mace. Using basic techniques with the mace while also utilizing the Bosu, you can create a lot of dynamic tension.  You'll build core strength and improve balance. A challenging excercise that is a lot of fun to try.

Cross Training with wheel, mace and kettlebell

Ron MorrisRon flexibility, agility, core power, and strength. True cross training that will hit everything and give you a great workout. Feel great and get in shape using these simple tools of the trade.

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