The Olympian Diet: McDonalds?

Olympian Diet

What happens when thousands of the worlds best athletes get together for a couple weeks?  Well they eat McDonalds of course!  

Ron is here to share a noteworthy story about the eating habits in the Olympic village.  While we would assume all of these world-class athletes would be very careful what they put into their bodies, the fact of where they chose to eat may shock you.

The Crossfit Craze

Ron Morris on Cross Fit

What is the deal with CrossFit?  What do you need to know about this newly hot topic?  Ron is answering those questions and letting you know that CrossFit is nothing new and is likely something you already implement into your regular workout.  Understanding the rationale in the CrossFit approach is important, but the execution of your workout is much more important.

Interview with Huai Min, Shiatsu Therapist


Are you familiar with the art of shiatsu?  Ron is with shiatsu expert Huai Min to discuss the benefits and how shiatsu is a very important element to a holistic approach to your personal health.  Take a look and be sure reach out to Huai Min for your shiatsu needs.

Are Today’s Video Games Actually Good For You?

Ron Morris on Video Fitness

With the President's Council on Fitness giving a thumbs up to video games, Ron has some thoughts of his own on the topic.  As our children spend more and more time in front of computer and video screens, Ron has a wild idea for them; go outside and play!  Put down the digital tennis racket and go grab a real one!

The Voice (Not the Bad Singing Show)

Ron Morris and The Voice

An absurd news story has Ron worried and concerned for us all.  While surgeries to adjust the look of one's physical body have been occurring for years, there is a new technique being used by elderly people who do not want to have an "old sounding" voice.  This is what it has come to...

What You Put In Is What You Get Out

Ron Morris on fitness

Ron is back with your "little conscious bender" for today.  With the rise of type II diabetes and other illnesses, Ron wants to make sure you take an active role in your own healthcare.  Take responsibility for making your life more healthy today!

Eating Healthy Costs Less

Ron Morris on Food Health

With a recent study in hand, Ron discusses the cost of eating healthy in American today.  While you might think you may be saving money today by eating your cheap fast food, in the long run, both your health and bank account will be worse off with the high-calorie fast food.  We all need to take a big picture approach to eating and better appreciate the long term affects of our eating choices.

Shoulder Health

Shoulder Health

Shoulder health is the topic of choice in the blogpost today.  We are typically very hard on our shoulders throughout our day-to-day life, so making sure to properly open your shoulders can pay huge dividends.  Ron also goes into detail on some wrist and forearm stretches that will surely help your arms and upper body.

The Solution to Most Joint Injuries

Solutions for joints

An article about the frequency at which people are developing joint injuries has caught Ron's attention.  Whether talking about an ankle or an elbow, making sure your joints are regularly and properly stretched is key.  Take a look at your overall health because your joint problems are likely tied to other health issues you are currently dealing with.

Weekly Challenge: Agility Training 101 – Week 1

Weekly Challenge

Ron is here with a weekly agility challenge for you.  Find yourself a nice stable bench and start improving your agility today!

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