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Ron's Most Recent Blog Posts

One-Arm Push-Ups

One-Arm Push-up - Ron Morris Fitness Blog ImageIn this post, Ron Morris shows us how to do a One-Arm Push-Up using a ring. This is a cool workout to do, and really works one half of your body and your core. So make sure to check out this video and start practice to get into shape for summer!

Dive-Bomber Into Push-Ups

Dive-Bomber into Push-ups - Ron Morris Fitness Blog PostIn this week's post Ron Morris shows us how to do a dive-bomber into push-ups. Using influences from Yoga and Real Physical Fitness, Ron shows us how to easily stay fit even with a busy schedule. Check it out here.

Ron's Instruction and Motivation Works!

"I've worked with Ron over the past 7 years.  Ron's instruction and motivation in the realm of health and fitness has allowed me to maintain a busy and productive and healthy lifestyle.  It has also been really fun and enjoyable at the same time.  I would highly recommend."

 Gary Andresen trains with Ron Morris Fitness

- Gary Andresen

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