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Ron training life saving tactical maneuvers

Ron's Vision: "Impact is made by real and truthful life experience, not an intellectual pursuit of an idea. It's the physical pursuit of an idea. It's the physical experience. The real foundation for a righteous life experience, the act of." - Ron Morris

Ron's vision is to reverse the growing levels of obesity and unhealthy living affecting Americans and people around the world. Ron believes "we have superceded the health agenda" and works to empower people of all backgrounds to take their own well-being back into their own hands.

A true thunderbolt of power. Ron pursues this goal with a unique style, one that includes self-deprecating humor, deep emotional humor and emotional honesty.

The Hanzo Philosophy: Awareness - Consciousness - Empowerment

Everything starts from Hanzo. That's the 360 degrees of your torso: abs, obliques, erectors, your center, the pinnacle of anything that involves movement of the body. More importantly, Hanzo is your absolute consciousness.

Ron Morris Fitness was created to encourage and empower people. Ron aims to reach, teach, and inspire people to break through their fears and embrace change - to open up to new experiences and adventures of personal growth, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Ron's Experiences:

For over 25 years, Ron Morris has provided transformational change to people of all walks of life, including teenagers at the Lino Lakes youth Correctional Facility, inmates, college students at campuses across the state of Minnesota, SWAT team members, best-selling author, world explorers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. He has helped corporations improve employee morale and firefighters to increase their overall preparedness and improve their teamwork and dexterity.

Just who is this Ron Morris character anyway and why am I listening to him?

I mean we are seeking some clarity right... what’s his deal?  What are his stats?  What makes him so damn smart about this health/happiness thing?  We need the background, history, educational pedigree, and what about those “alleged” convictions, acquittals, etc… well? Were waiting ….

A brief history of Hanzo aka Ron Morris Fitness Icon.

1958:  Ron Morris was born in San Pedro, California.  The doctors immediately realized that allowing him to stay in San Pedro was not a wise choice.  There would be questions and they would have no answers.  People would demand information on this disturbing fresh bundle of joy.

Arrangements were made to immediately transport him to the middle of nowhere.  Minnesota!  That should contain the little evil bast… Anyway, the horns and tail finally fell off and I was allowed to be mainstreamed into society, albeit in the middle of the Midwest tundra.

However, to this day, no DNA test were ever used to confirm my real lineage.  That being one of having Jack Lalanne and Jean Harlow as my true and righteous parental units, instead of admitting this of course they both drop dead.  But SH#$ HAPPENS.

So fast forward to age of 20.  The interest in weight lifting takes hold and I’m off like a guided missile that was not quite calibrated properly.  Now it’s important to keep in mind that back in 1980 I think there was one magazine devoted to health, and people who did try to become healthy were an anomaly or at the very least an oddity. It had not become an industry yet . sadly like all real and true things  it was devoured by greed and stupidity.

I was the classic skinny kid meets insecure ego meets overboard training… paging Ron Morris.

From the age of 20 to my early thirties I trained myself to lift massive amounts of weight, increase my body size by 60 pounds.

Power lifting body building had become my all consuming daily routine.  All the while trying to learn more, consume more, lift more and fight stereo typing (some of it well deserved… well, OK, ALL of it deserved).

University of Minnesota Women's Lacrosse Team fitness program

But in my defense people never thought that it took work, hard work to distort your body to the point of immobility.  Also during this time a martial arts background was being developed. 

Hell, what’s the point being big if you can’t be bad too.

Still I was a unique muscle head because I read books, studied with any and all real pro I could find at the time.  I was being schooled by a couple of hard core powerlifters – one from Poland I think, and a  chiropractor. Trainig in body building  I picked everbody’s brains.  And some kickboxer who was very intense teacher actualy a couple of them now that I think about it. so

Slowly putting all this silliness behind me and keeping and expanding on all the genuine education I was consuming but at age 34 my father died.  It was on a Wednesday at 4pm.  I remember that because it changed the direction of all things me.  Not to mention health-related in my life.

Now I was searching for more meaning to my training, a need to/for something… to connect the dots, you get a harsh wake up call with something like this enters your life.  So I decided to really go about completing my education.  I would indeed find the touchstone for being really healthy and really happy.

It would be a few more years of seeking out masters in the field I was choosing (real fitness, real martial arts, and real health/healing) to help me and teach me the genuine path.  The truth.

Diabetes Awareness Workshop at Standing Rock Reservation

Then in my mid-forties on a whim and out of the blue I found a Qigong teacher who led me to a kettle bell master who would introduce me to the country these two teachers would end up being the tipping point for me.  The first revelation that the status quo in the west was crap.  The escalation was quick.  More teachers showed themselves.  There was my Tai Chi master, my Thai Yoga teacher, and my mental health director all creating and building in me a strong and original foundation of a complete approach to all things health.  The cutting edge: and immediate implementation with clients and students would create the base of my own Hanzo philosophy.

Fitness for me was becoming a passion.  Nutrition and a pallet of non-traditional approaches to health developed because of my passion.  This led to my being the first person to have and introduce kettle bells to the Midwest and especially to women.  The school class size on an average night was 50+. 

As well as teaching and certifying people as a national instructor, I was creating workshops for fire fighters and designing program specific routines that saved time and lives for SWAT team and individuals preparing for Iraq.

The last five years have found me working closely with professionals in the mental health arena along the avenue of mental fitness, one of whom has endorsed my book and to this day is a close friend and student of my no-nonsense approach total health.

I have put together extensive training for first responders and created a program designed  specially for them and their needs.

More importantly, I have taken my message to Lahkota Sioux reservations to help with diabetes of the young and to educate them about health.

Correction facilities for youth offenders and teaching them about self worth, countless food shelf workshops, workshops with mental health specialists and author of “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” and five other top sellers in the self-help field.

Ongoing education in the health realization workshops.  Continued study of Chen style Tai Chi and working on my third book.

I am also a part-time stunt coordinator for low-budget flicks.Wilderness Fitness Adventure

Official certifications: 

      -       Tai Chi – 4 years ongoing study

      -       Kettle Bell (certified national instructor)

      -       Powerlifting (advanced certified…)

      -       Bodybuilding

      -       Martial Arts

      -       Nutritional studies

      -       Thai Yoga Study

      -       Massage therapist (chair and traditional)

      -       Stretching 101

      -       Bouldering

      -       Free climbing

      -       Par Qua

The list will continue to grow as I continue to study and expand.

That’s about it for now enjoy your program and know for a fact that you can and should trust in it   ron morris 12/25/11

Author of:

  • Tactical Kettlebells for Firefighters
  • Hanzo: The Ultimate Self-Help: Mind, Body, and Spirit
Creator of:
  • The first Russian Kettlebell school in the U.S.

Acting/Stunt Choroeography

  • In Harm's Way
  • Shadowlords
  • Sick as an American Buying into the Edible American Dream (soon to be released documentary by Ron Morris)

Star Tribune: Building More Than Muscle

Ron also founded the USA Kettlebells school in Minneapolis, MN. This article, written in 2007 highlight the focus and quality of that school and it's mission. While the school no longer exists, Ron continues to expand and shift how he delivers quality and empowering "strength for living" programs.

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