Well, I’m just standing out in front of the Hanzo ranch yard, waiting for the government to tell me what to do next. You see, I live my life by the government, the food pyramid, the exercise pyramid. No, no government. OK.

Healthy eating can cost less, USDA study indicates. It doesn’t prove, and it’s not going to go out on a limb and say it does. But it indicates that perhaps eating healthy food may cost less.

Now, a Washington study argues this point, saying calorie for calorie‑‑now, hold on, everyone sit down, get ready for this‑‑it’s cheaper and more effective to eat fast food. You get more volume, more caloric volume for your dollar.

Yes, organic salad, Big Mac. Organic salad, very few calories, very good for you, in and out, but probably twice as much as a fast food drive through thing. Whereas the drive‑thru, 2,000 calories in a burger. In fact, about 10 blogs ago, we did the top 10, hysterical. So, you get your 2,000 calorie McHappy Snappy meal, poopy meal, and you jam that thing down as opposed to having this really healthy salad.

What’s the cost? Well, who cares? The cost right now is that diabetes, obesity, heart disease, joint replacements, and emotional stability are all taking a real beating. They are suffering. It’s not because society’s got more stress or this or that, it’s because of BS like this. This is a lie, guys.

Eating healthy costs less. Yeah, who’s surprised by that? Who wouldn’t be? I spend a lot of money on organic food every week. I eat twice a day. But I’m not on any medications. I don’t go to the doctor. I don’t require special attention once a week. I don’t have special orthotics. I don’t have special underwear. I don’t need Depends yet. I poop regular. You get the idea.

All because I eat healthy. So, of course, it costs less. I don’t have to spend money on stupid health care things that shouldn’t be spent on anyway, heartburn medications, heartburn operations, tying your fat tubes off. Buying fat free cartons of crap that don’t save anybody anything and cost the environment.

Quit consuming. Really, this is about consumption. What’s healthier? Well, let’s see, if you make a fresh salad, and there’s very little paper and extra stuff to throw away. Go to buy a fast food thing, there’s paper, and then there’s the bag and then there’s the cardboard thing and there’s the cup and the blah, blah, blah.

And then, meanwhile, that 2,000 calories is totally crap and killing you. You’ve dirtied up the environment and you’ve perpetuated a lie. Way to go.

Healthy eating can cost less, USDA study indicates. Yeah, that USDA, they’re pretty on the ball, all right. Let’s wait here and see what else they have to tell us.