Here’s your little conscious bender today. Because people are allowing other people to take care of their healthcare, i.e. what’s good for you/what’s bad for you, and then medication to help you when you don’t have the discipline enough to not eat 12 million nachos. Type II diabetes on the rise, harder to treat in kids. Now look, that’s a pretty dangerous statement. Drugs for the disease work much better in adults, a study says, and the disease progresses faster in children.

All right, your kid’s inactive, you let him spend all day in front of the computer. You let him stick his hand in the candy bowl all the time. They’re not active. They don’t do anything. Yum. Yum. Click. Click. Yum. Yum. Click. Click.

Third world country coming your way, physically that is. We’re actually destroying out bodies so much that we can’t even make drugs anymore that circumvent this stupidity.

Type II diabetes is on the rise. That’s no big surprise, because everyone’s getting fat and lazy. By the way, if anybody has a problem with the way I’m talking about this, look in the mirror. What are you doing about your healthcare? What are you doing to take care of yourself?

Everything I talk about, do, and respond to is in direct correlation from all the students I work with, all the freebies I do for people. Everything that I extend myself to for fitness and health, it’s my passion. It’s what I do, fitness and health. Fitness and health is about discipline, go to bed, get up, eat decent, exercise, and be a good person. Go out and help people.

Right now I’m blogging. We’re telling it like it is. Medication kills you. Why do you think ‑‑ I always love those commercials, Gary, where it’s like, “Take Prilosec,” then there’s nine minutes of things that’ll happen if you take it. You could have renal failure and your heart could explode and your kidneys will pop out. Your lips will turn blue.

If you have any of the next thousand things, don’t take it. Other than that, start living the pleasant life with Prilosec. Whatever.

Geez, then people do it. That’s what frightens the hell out of me. People then go do that instead of taking matters into their own hands and cleaning up their life. Start with the diet. Start with your physiology. It’s where everything stems from. What you put in is what you get out.

It’s no different than your job. The effort you put into your job is what you get back. The effort you put into your body is what comes back. It all boils down to responsibility. Be responsible. It doesn’t mean it’ll work out. It doesn’t even mean it’s correct.

But if you’re responsible about a certain action, it changes the course of everything. It’ll change the course of your life and we’re here to help you., I will help you. I will do whatever I can to help you not end up here, or your kids. But most of the time people don’t like hearing how that really has to go.

There are only certain truths in the world. There are opinions and there are diatribes. Then there’s just the truth. It’s like if you ever ask a divorced couple their sides of the story, you’re going to get side A and side B.

The truth to you is the one you choose to believe. The truth is actually in the middle. It takes two to tango. It takes only one person and a fork or a very large plate [laughs] to fall forward and just get pig fat so that you get diabetes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know genetics, blah, blah, blah. I don’t care. Do what I say, get what you want. Go away.