The next person you’re going to meet is Joe Bailey. He’s an author and a psychologist. He’s a student. He’s a friend. He’s one of the most important cogs in holistic approach to being healthy and happy in your life. This is what the blog and my site is about ‑‑ How to be healthy for you. What’s good for you? What is a complete person, mind, body, spirit? You know, that’s no joke. It’s been so abused and overused, that phrase. We’ve become jaded to it.

It’s my idea and my concept to start bringing these people to you through the blog who do the acupressure, who do the psychological work, who implement my philosophies into their lives.

You know, it’s not one or the other. It’s not, “Gee, you know, I take yoga and I feel really balanced.” It’s maybe you take yoga, and then maybe you go get some shiatsu work done. Then maybe you go read Joe’s book and create a real spherical balance, a real 360 degree approach to your life.

Life is changing at a blinding pace. America is changing. People are changing. Our kids are changing. It’s becoming more chaotic. To be grounded and to have a sense of neutrality in your life is a very comforting and warming thing. It’s a very secure feeling.

The one thing I do want everyone to come away with is, “Wow, it’s simple. Happiness is simple.” You know what happiness is like? It’s like meeting someone who is really nice and fulfills your day with just a pleasant vibe. It could be someone you never met. Could be someone waved you through at a stoplight. Could be someone holds the door for you. Anything.

You want to be awake and aware to that stuff. In the coming blogs, you’re going to meet some more of those people who make you feel that way. Or it could just be me in a wig, you never really can tell.

Oh no! I think I’m getting a ticket on my train. Oh! I’ve got to go.