Ron Morris:  Well, you guys are in for a treat today. I’m here with my friend…

Huai Min:  My name is Huai Min.

Ron:  â€¦Huai Min. She owns…

Huai:  It’s Huai Min Spa and Super Tea.

Ron:  â€¦Super Tea. But you don’t get Super Tea unless she likes you. She is an artist in the art of shiatsu and…tui na?

Huai:  Yeah, tui na.

Ron:  Yeah. What this is about and what the next bunch of blogs are going to be about is real holistic health. Tui na is about really working the body, getting the body open and flexible, getting rid of headaches, getting rid of backaches. Shiatsu is not traditional American rubbing. It’s about pressure points…

Huai:  … and massage and acupressure.

Ron:  Yeah. Let me show you acupressure, there.

Huai:  Yeah.

Ron:  [shouts] No! [laughter]

Huai:  [laughs] Acupoint.

Ron:  Acupoint?

Huai:  Yeah. It makes the deep massage and makes the nerve ending alive.

Ron:  Yes, very cool. How long have you been here?

Huai:  I’ve been here just a short time. Before, I worked into a clinic for two years and six months. I go to the school and I learn from tui na a lot. My fundraiser has a Chinese daughter. I learn herbs. It’s a long, long time.

Ron:  To really learn this, as opposed to Western or American massage, which isn’t per se bad, but this is very effective. This is a really holistic approach on keeping your body, your Sen lines, your whole endocrine system open, flushed, and feeling great. How about that? So, once again, Hanzo travels around the world. We’re actually in China. OK, we’re not. We’re in Stillwater, but it’s like China.

Huai:  [laughs] It’s unlike my city.

Ron:  That’s right.

Huai:  My city is just like my beautiful city.

Ron:  Yes, very city, but just the people are a drag. Now, if you want to get a hold of her, what’s your phone number?

Mi:  651‑434‑2799. This is my phone. My business phone is 651‑234‑0559.

Ron:  Nobody knows what she’s got there, lady.

Huai:  [laughs]

Ron:  We’ll put it across the screen, too. Like I said, I really believe in the shiatsu and the things that she brings to this state. I recommend, if you don’t, obviously, live in our state, you want to find out more about this, go online. You have Facebook, too, right?

Huai:  Yeah.

Ron:  Your Facebook is?

Huai:  It’s Huai Min.

Ron:  Huai Min? Just Huai Min?

Huai:  Just Huai Min.

Ron:  OK. All right. You want to spell that?

Huai:  I have a website.

Ron:  You have a website, too, now?

Huai:  Yeah. I have a website. It is http://www.huaiminspaandsupertea…;


Huai:  Dot com, yeah.

Ron:  Dot com!

Huai:  [laughs] Yeah, dot com.

Ron:  All right. I’m out of here, my good friend. I’ll be talking about more holistic things as we go on through the blog. About the next five to six blogs are going to be you meeting other people who helped educate me, so I can keep educating you. For Gary and his wonderful spouse…

Huai:  And Juan Carlos…

Ron:  â€¦And you.

Huai:  Everybody come here for massage and buy some herb tea. I make herb tea. It’s a beautiful tea. A bladder tea, great bladder tea.

Ron:  Yeah, it’s very good. It cleans the body out.

Huai:  Cleans the body, yeah.

Ron:  If you come, she can explain it to you. You can talk. But, right now, we got to rock, OK.

Huai:  Thank you.

Ron:  But we might come back and visit you again, because you’re pretty nice.

Huai:  Yeah, very nice.

Ron:  You’re a pretty good person.

Huai:  Thank you.

Ron:  All right, say goodbye.

Huai:  Goodbye.

Ron:  All right.