Ron:  Hey. I’m here with my buddy Tom. He’s one of my clients and my students.

Tom Pavek:  Exactly.

Ron:  We’re going to ask him some questions. You’re going to hear about a real, live success story. So, Tom, how long have you been working with me?

Tom:  It’s been probably four or five months.

Ron:  OK.

Tom:  Something like that.

Ron:  And admittedly it was a little tough in the beginning, yes?

Tom:  It was tough, but it’s always been interesting. I enjoyed it. The thing that was different with you is that we did things outside the box. You didn’t go inside a room and lift a bunch of weights. We went out, down by the river, and we climbed rocks and had just a great time doing things, getting into situations where you didn’t think you could get out of it. All of a sudden you’d get out of it and you realize you had a great workout, but it also stimulated your mind. All kinds of things. It was fabulous. Always had something fresh going on.

Ron:  Would it be real fair to say that one of the biggest things is the realistic approach to your lifestyle and not my idea of your lifestyle? In other words, we adapted pretty much to what your lifestyle could do and handle, correct?

Tom:  Yeah. I think that’s true. I think it wasn’t as cognizant to me as it might have been to you, because it just fit my life.

Ron:  Right.

Tom:  I didn’t have to go, “Oh, he’s not doing this.” It just fit. It just worked.

Ron:  Correct. And the diet…you’ve just lost a lot of weight. I know you have bigger designs on it, but you’ve really transformed yourself. I see you smiling, but it’s really quite an accomplishment what you’ve done and how you’ve changed your life. Sleeping better, moving better.

Tom:  Everything you do in life is better. Waking up is better. Getting out of bed is better. Walking down the street is better. Walking up the stairs at the office is better. Just the way you stand is better. There isn’t a negative. The way the workout is, it’s so holistic. I used to work out. You’d work out your biceps, and they would be really sore for a day. But it’s not like that. It’s more like your whole body feels great all the time.

Ron:  That’s great. Especially with your job…why don’t you tell people what you do in your business?

Tom:  I’m a technology consultant. I do a lot of traveling. It gets pretty intense. A lot of it’s around computers. I’m sitting at a desk a lot, I’m sitting in an airplane, I’m sitting in airports.

Ron:  Airplanes, especially. A lot of traveling, yes?

Tom:  A lot of traveling, or driving and stuff like that. So you get yourself stiff in those kind of things. But I’ve got some of those kettlebells. When I get on the road for a little bit and when I’m driving, I’ll get out and swing a few of those and all of a sudden…

Ron:  Yeah.

Tom:  â€¦you just loosen up. The other thing is, when I’m on the road, I can get up and, with just bringing a couple of little things from home, I can get a workout done. I don’t have to worry about if there’s a gym in there. I can figure out how to do this…

Ron:  Yeah.

Tom:  â€¦put my legs up on a bed and do some push‑ups. Fifteen minutes…you can come up with a great workout. You didn’t leave the room and didn’t take any time, and you feel great.

Ron:  That’s pretty much what I want people to come away with, is that we help you design what you needed and not what is required in a gym. Do you have a website that people can go visit for what you do as a job?

Tom:  Yeah. I work at a company called Elert & Associates. It’s E‑L‑E‑R‑T dot com.

Ron:  Find out more about you and more about what we’re doing.

Tom:  Yeah. That’s more about the company. I’ve got a Facebook page. You look up Tom Pavek, P‑A‑V‑E‑K.

Ron:  Good.

Tom:  Find out a little bit more about some of the other things I’ve got going on.

Ron:  And some of the stuff we’re doing here, too…

Tom:  Yeah.

Ron:  â€¦because you relayed a lot of that.

Tom:  Yeah.

Ron:  Tom, I really want to thank you for your time, brother. We’re going to visit back in with Tom and see how his progress is doing. Better be good!

Tom:  Sounds good.

Ron:  All right. Thanks a lot.

Tom:  Yeah. Bye.