In our last episode, you got to meet my friend and educator on shiatsu. And hopefully, you went to her site. Also, today I just got an email from the magazine I write for my mad methods, and they wanted two views of this CrossFit craze. What I want to do is briefly talk to you about how stupid this is. CrossFit is just cross media. It’s cross manipulation. Here’s what cross fitness really means. If you stretch out before you go run, you’re CrossFit. It’s that simple. My students will tell you that we might go from the rings to a kettlebell to ballistic plyometrics to running down and climbing over a rock.

All these encompass a 360‑degree approach, a CrossFit approach. The problem I have with these boot camps and these CrossFit programs is they’re usually at some community center or some popular fitness entity, and what happens is they end up short‑circuiting, dumbing down what it is that you should really be doing.

Flipping a tire does not mean you’re getting in shape. Tossing a kettlebell does not mean you’re getting in shape. Taking the ropes and doing some ridiculous thing with them doesn’t mean you’re getting in shape. It’s tantamount to juggling toasters. By the way, that’s getting in shape.

I would urge you to go to my sites, which are being amalgamated together now. They’re just going to be one big amalgam of both sites, hopefully in about 10 days. You can see the extreme kettlebell training that we do that Gary and I have shot on frozen ice floes, by the way. Yes, that’s true. Also, the regular

I want you guys to really think about one thing, and here’s your project for this week. What is it that you want physically? What are you looking for? If you can answer that, then you can create your own CrossFit training. As for CrossFit programs, shut up! I’m out of here.