Oh, hey. You caught me parking the train. Yeah, I own my own train. Just a minute. Let me tell you, finding parking for these things, it ain’t easy. There’s cars everywhere, there’s not enough room for my train. Yes, my train. Guess what it’s called? That’s right, the Hanzo Express. Get it? OK. Anyway, you know the Olympics are going on. We’re real excited about all this. Actually, I am. It’s always inspiring to watch these Olympians.

But, as the blogs go I’m trying to constantly introduce and reintroduce concepts. Even Olympians are subject to colossal bouts of stupidity. Check this out. In the Olympic Village they’ve got all their food provided for them. You kind of go into this village, it’s protected, them and their trainers. That’s where they stay. You’ve got fresh fruits and everything you could want there including McDonald’s and Coca‑Cola.

What I thought was interesting was some stats here. They’re going to go through 19 tons of eggs in 17 days. Do you know the omelet that…joke, see, a big omelet. My train, did you see my train? The Hanzo Express.

Anyway, they’re provided all these fantastic opportunities, right? Yet the most successful and the most busy outlet there, in the village, is the McDonald’s. It’s amazing, you know? It’s like all these foreign kids can’t wait to try McDonald’s and [laughs] totally destroy their hopes for being an Olympic champion.

I don’t know. That says a lot about our culture and what we’ve got going. Here these guys are treated like kings and queens and all the best of everything is provided for them, and yet the one thing they all want is the garbage. I got to thinking about that. What is that? Is it just the other side of the fence looks better? I don’t know, but it sure is some food for thought. Get it? Food for thought. Hanzo Express, my own train. Oh yeah.