Hi, I’m Mr. Tree. No, I’m Not. More escapades at the Hanzo ranch. Started some new clients. We’re talking about how come just these diets in general, the design diets for you, the kind of diets where they give you food and you go home and eat the food out of the box. Then, you are like a gerbil in the ball. If you ever stop buying their food and listening to them then I guess your head explodes and you die. One of my students is not losing the weight, they’re getting muscular and getting physically fit, but they’re sticking to this predetermined diet, prepackaged is what it really is. What people don’t understand, and I went through the packaging with them, is that a lot of it contains things that need to preserve it. This is what my little blog is about today, looking for secret preservatives that store water and cause your insulin to spike to create body fat.

Fructose is it, look for that in everything. Soy, very bad. The first five ingredients should be something that you would eat all on its own. If you put it on a plate and it was whey protein, you would eat that. If it’s Monosodium glutamate and it’s a white powder, you aren’t going to eat that. Or maybe you will, but you’ll regret it.

It’s interesting. They get the printouts and readouts and they look very important and there’s all kinds of numbers and digital readouts and this and that. This doesn’t work because side by side I’ve got another individual working with them, who’s specifically just eating clean. My diet…fruits, vegetables, protein, three squares a day, water, go for a walk, do your pushups, 31 pounds. Way to go. You’re going to meet him, by the way. We’re going to do a video blog about him.

This high fructose corn syrup…This is really the evil stuff. There’s a book called “Don’t Eat This Book,” by Morgan Spurlock, the guy who did “Supersize Me,” which you should watch, anyway.

I want you all today, just today, be cognizant of what’s in what you’re eating. Read it. First of all, if it has a label, what are you doing with it? Rarely does an orange have a label. I’m pretty sure there’s none on there. Just for today, try and eat everything that’s natural, in the universe.

Then when you go home and you open that refrigerator, take a look. Take that ketchup bottle out and see what the first two ingredients are. Take that mustard bottle out, take that relish jar out. You know you’ve got stuff back there somewhere. Peel that bad boy out, take a look at it. Toss it.

I really, really, really, can’t stress enough that you need to read what you’re eating. That’s number one, if you’re going to buy that kind of crap. Number two is, you should never have to read what you’re eating. Bison meat doesn’t come out with calories on it, does it? I don’t think so.

Fruits, veggies, water, walking, getting your body moving, relying on anything, any sort of Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers, or Herbal Life, or Magic‑Nonsense‑Diet‑Plan, it doesn’t work. You really need to be cognizant of taking responsibility for yourself, guys. I know, not real interesting as far as background and crazy stuff today, but it’s important. I need you to focus on it.

So, until later.