Hey, down here. Yeah, I don’t know what it is either, but it’s art. Anyway, today’s blog is about removing sodium or salt from your diet. So here’s what happened. I read this article that Boston Market, a national chain, has made kind of a PR move about removing the salt shakers from their booths, their tables.

Now irregardless of why they did it, it’s a good move. They don’t go on to say that, however, like their chicken and their rotisserie stuff is just loaded with sodium and butter. But nonetheless it’s a pretty good move.

But what happens was is there’s this article that’s kind of taking a shot at Boston Market. My feeling is like, even if they did it for PR and they’re taking credit for making an attempt to help educate people about high sodium, blood pressure, isn’t that a good thing?

Then they liken it to the degree of tobacco and how tobacco has a heritage and a lineage of everybody knows tobacco is bad and everybody knows that you shouldn’t smoke. I don’t know. I guess maybe that’s a fact.

But the problem here is that they’re actually arguing about sodium maybe not being bad for you. Really? They’re actually making a statement, a case here, that salt hasn’t been proven to be good or bad for you.

Here’s what I suggest you do. Take some watermelon, put a bunch of salt on it. It’s what my dad used to do. Eat the watermelon with the salt. Run into the bathroom and weigh yourself, you’ll weigh about 12,000 pounds. Sodium retains water. Sodium does increase your blood pressure. Sodium, especially the salt that you get now, like table salt, it’s really bad for you. It’s like table sugar or table ketchup or table anything. Don’t eat that crap.

Once again, here’s kind of a decent thing that’s done. But, you know, no matter whether it’s good or bad there’s always a side, much like this frog, that’s always picking on somebody for trying to do something right. Get over yourselves, OK, you know? If more of these big companies did this like Taco Bell and‑well they talk about even Olive Garden and a few other to certain degrees are making an attempt. Hey, it’s better than nothing. Let’s take what we can get.

From me, the frog, and my buddy Gary who just got back from New York, boy are his arms tired, we’ll see you later.