One more thing. That’s right, I know it’s another blog, but hopefully these two things butt end each other. Butt end? I don’t know. This is a really important study I just read and I really can’t urge you guys enough to find it on the Internet. It’s by Elizabeth Svoboda. S‑V‑O‑B‑O‑D‑A. You do it. Is sugar the new tobacco? I want you to think about this. They’re saying, there’s a part in here where it says, “Among all the different types of sugars, fructose may be the most harmful. Many experts believe fructose is found naturally in small amounts in fruit but when you start processing high fructose corn syrup the way we do it becomes incredibly harmful. It’s almost a unique polymer that causes increased destabilization and demetabolization in the liver.”

What’s that mean? Who knows? Those are really big words and my head hurts. But if you think going to Jamba Juice to have your super healthy smoothie is a good idea here’s how it breaks down. Jamba Juice. An acai super antioxidant original smoothie, and who wouldn’t want that, contains 16 and a half teaspoons of sugar. I don’t get 16 and a half teaspoons of sugar a month. That’s one drink.

Think that Clif Chocolate Bar is pretty good? Not so. Six teaspoons of sugar in one of those little chunky deals. That’s actually not too bad. What is interesting is that the rest of the article goes on to say, and the rest of the study goes on to say, is that they’re finding that this giving up sugar, this processed sugar, not fruit sugar or vegetable sugar that comes out of those, but when you’re giving up refined sugar that’s been chemically altered and treated, it’s like quitting smoking. It’s like quitting cocaine.

This is not good. You don’t want to do this to your body, let alone the body fat issue. That stuff will not process in your body. It stores in your body, and the body fat itself has memory. As you lose weight, let’s say you lose 10 pounds, all of a sudden you get a craving.

That craving comes along because your body is eliminating body fat, and in the body fat, listen real careful, contains sugar. All the crap that you’re storing that your body can’t metabolize, it’s re‑metabolizing it, it’s re‑living it, it’s re‑hashing it. It’s like an ex‑wife that won’t go away. Or, an ex‑spouse that won’t go away. You could pick whatever you want.

Think about what you’re sticking in your kisser, man. America is just getting so stinking fat. Go stand on a street corner and watch people. They’re just lumbering. They can’t even move anymore. They just, “Oh,” like this, and their bodies are distorted. They move like this. I don’t know if their arms are out like that, but that’s just for effect. I like to think they do.

Guys, it’s as simple as, if you just eliminate sugar, all of it that isn’t natural, in six months you’ll be the perfect weight. I promise, or my name isn’t…Gary Graphic Traffic. No, it’s not. Hey, thanks a lot. We’ll talk to you later.