Deep fried butter on a stick. Oh yeah. That’s why this frog looks like the way he does. I shit you not. Step right up for deep fried butter on a stick. Can you pan back and get all that in there? Wow. OK. It’s at the Iowa State Fair, it’s four bucks.

This guy actually sub‑freezes a chunk, a two‑ounce chunk of butter, and slams it on a stick, and then puts like a dough around it. They, like, slam like a dough around then, and then they flash fry it, OK? I kid you not. It’s for the 100th anniversary of the fair’s giant butter cow, which is viewed with some awe but never eaten.

Fifey was skeptical, I figured the name alone would kill it. But people went nuts for it. It deep fries for 90 seconds. Then they drizzle honey glaze on it. They drizzle a honey glaze, deep fried butter, honey glaze stick. Grease, crap, shit. Are you kidding me? Gary, did you hear that? That was‑did you hear that? Yeah, that was somebody dropping dead. Goodbye.