OK, here we are in our kind of land. Actually, that’s not true. Gary’s lost. He said he knew a great place. We don’t know where we are, so we’re going to stop and do a blog. Here is my latest rant. You know, when you look at me in these blogs you think, “Wow, this dude is all about style. He’s not just another pretty super‑model. No, no. This man understands style.” Clothes just drape correctly on me because I’ve got style to die for. Now there’s this whole page in the style and fashion section of the daily newspaper. A whole page, the whole thing, the whole enchilada, that decries what style is and isn’t, what you should just die for and what you should ignore because God forbid you should have the wrong shoes on with the wrong shirt when you go back to seventh grade and be ridiculed.

I don’t even feel funny about this. This is just sad. It’s hard enough. Life is hard enough without dictating moronic, idiotic, and stupid concepts like style to young people. They’re already locked down with this ridiculous computer age, Twitter, texting, and whatever else they’re doing. They don’t even go out. They don’t interact anymore. But by God, they look good. They got the rocking kicks, they got the sassy stance. They got the proper lids.

And they got the swag. I don’t even know what swag is. I don’t even care.

This blog is all about, you know, if you’ve got some kids, just think about how you are acting and how they see you. Because I’ve got some really great clients who have got young kids right now and they’ve noticed that since they’ve been working with me, the kids are starting to act more like the parents. What?

Things have changed. No longer the days of Spam, shut up and eat it, because that was pretty much it. Now there’s a multitude of choices and cartoon characters that want to shove crap down your face in your kid’s face. Mostly your kid’s face, because they know your kid’ll whine till it get what it wants.

Now, they whine for 10,000 dollar shirts, 50 million dollar jeans, otherwise, they just can’t make the scene at school to learn and not be working for the Chinese in about two years. Style. Yet another American debacle. Style.

Be stylistic in your parenting. Peace, man.