We're building better snacks. Yes! You know why? Because you people are fat and lazy and you've got to have snacks like a four year old.

Here's a company in Edina, which is in Minnesota, across the river. We don't like, we don't cater to those folks too much. Screw them. Well, some of them we really like. Some of them, eh. Dayton can stay over there.

Food is the next new thing. It actually says this in the headline, "Food is the Next New Thing".  Food! It's a new thing! Imagine eating food, kids. What a concept!

I've got an idea. Let's, you and me, go to a restaurant and eat some food. [laughs] Here's the thing. Snacks, no. No, you're not four years old. You don't need a snack. There's no reason for eating snacks. You especially don't need a doctor‑certified, doctor‑oriented snack plan.

Food. It's the new food. It's one more step into the abyss for the western culture. America just takes a big dump right on itself. Just stop. It's too much. There's got to be less. Less eating. Less talking. Less me. Less. Get outside. Breathe some air. Go for a long walk and let that shit go.

It's time that people really start assessing what's important. Have a good meal. Get some exercise. Join the circus, like me and Gary. Buy an inflatable dog. We really don't care what the hell you do. Just stay away from us.

Snacks, they're not just for snacks anymore. I'm done. Stop.