Ron Morris: Hey, all right. Pull ups. Hey, quit your whining. I can hear it from here. Shut up. Pull ups. If you learn to do a push up and you learn to do a pull up, you will be the most physically fit person in your whole neighborhood probably in your whole city because people hate this stuff. Why? Because it's hard.

Ron: This pull up bar fits right in your door jam. Jam with the door. We love this stuff. This is simple stuff. This has three grips. This is called the neutral grip, so perhaps we can get a step back. You hang down, you pull up. Get it? The full range. If you do one of those a day, that's 365 a year. Or if it's a leap year, 365 days... [laughs] I don't know what that is.

Think about that one push up, one pull up every day. Man, that's like a whole lot. I'm not a math guy. Then, there's the overhand, traditional, tactical pull up. Let's make sure we can get a grip on this. Here, Bill.

Bill: Right.

Ron: You see that? Thumbs over, not like this. Like this pause at the bottom, look straight up, pull, hold and back down. Pretty simple.

Lastly but not leastly, Lucy, the reverse grip works the bicep, the inner part of the back. Again, hands, palms facing you. Squat way down. Hang, then squeeze up ah, then squeeze down.

People hate pull ups and they hate squats because they're stiff, they're tight, they're whiny, they're bitchy. They're full of all that big sugar we were talking about before. They're full of nachos...

Bill: [laughs]

Ron: ...and hot dogs. What is wrong with you people? Pull ups, push ups and squats. Seriously, practice them every day. Do one every day. Nothing else. Stop drinking pop. Stop eating bread. Do one of those every day, go for a little walk. That's me simulating an actual walk, because we don't have the production value to actually follow me walking, but let's try.

Yeah, that's enough. [laughs] See you next week.