Ron Morris:  Hey, "Back in Black", AC/DC. Whack! I wonder if that drummer job's still open. [laughs] Anyway, here's what we're going to do. We've been talking about benches and deads. This is a great asset for big bench press. It's a power press with dumbbells. It's great for your triceps, outer deltoids, the depth of your chest, and your availability to drive out of the pocket.

The cameraman, Mr. Cameraman's going to follow me around. I'm going to drop back. Carefully, take your dumbbells. They are low on your chest. You press them straight up. This is not a fly, you don't want to fly this thing. You sink down, you pause, then you press. Boom! Driving your heels into the ground, keeping good form.

One more time. Down, breathing in. Big stretch, get that big pocket stretch, and then push straight up. Arms in, put the elbows in. Your hands actually turn in a little bit. Then you can dump them, [clang] because they're rubber. You can throw up. No, that's not right.

When you're going to train power training, like the bench, what you want to remember is whatever you do, you need to have things that are accessible to correlating with a powerful bench. This is not bodybuilding. This is powerlifting, benching and deads only need a few accentuation moves. That triceps, chest dumbbell press looks like this. Boom! Staying level. Then that's it.

You do two sets, maybe two sets of bench press. Warm up, then two sets of five, then two sets of five there. Increase weight and lower the reps and drop the duration of the training. That's how you get stronger, stronger, stronger. If you're on a 12 week program, eventually you're down to one or two reps there, one or two reps here, but heavy, heavy, heavy. Taking your time, 30 minutes, and you're done.

The other accentuation thing you can do for a good bench is, and we'll come back over here, a combination of a pull‑over press deal. You can do it with a kettlebell, too. What we're going to do is you're going to lie back. Get that grip on your dumbbell, big stretch, again pulling the pocket out, pulling over. Very nice, breathing in. Exhale. That feels good. Breathe in, and dump it [clang] . Sit up.

The thing was expansive, shoulders. It's a great stretch. It's necessary if you want to be a big, badass, Russian/American/Mid‑Western bench presser. Who doesn't? See you next week.