How to do the Airborne Leg Workout

Ron Morris:  Hey, it's spring! You can tell by how we're dressed. Today, Mr. Cameraman, I want to get back. We're going to do a dive‑bomber. No, first, we're going to do an airborne, an airborne leg workout. It goes something like this.

It's a great way to start to get your legs and core back in shape for summer. That sounds so lame, doesn't it? Let's get in shape for summer. Why don't you stay in shape? Huh?

An airborne leg workout, the leg goes back. You start like this, reaching forward, all the weight's on this leg. Your back leg is up, and then you can switch. This is actually half the move. You want to take time to really learn how to balance.

Again, half airborne, and then you're going to learn to go up to a pistol after that. This is a good starting point. Back and then back. That would be the first phase. The second phase, let's go over here, Mr. Cameraman. You're going to get into a doorjamb. Could you come over here?

Cameraman:  Yep.

Ron Morris:  Get into a doorjamb, so you can complete the full range of motion. Hold on here. You go down. See that? Foot's up. You're just touching with the knee. You're going to go straight through the heel here. Boom! Straight up. Kick the leg forward. Sit back. You can use one hand. It doesn't matter, and then come up.

Pretty cool. Go to the other doorjamb. Have your toe about that far away from your doorjamb. Grab about waist high, I guess. Then go into your position. Knee down. Foot up. Keep your knee and your front toe even and parallel. Shoot up. Kick it out. Sit back. Holy Hannah! That's a beautiful thing!

Then, once you've got that, grab yourself a dumbbell. Then you can go down. Up, pistol, up. Those are hard, really hard. [laughs] Most importantly, if you take 10 minutes a day to practice that little routine, starting with that progression, abs, legs, healthy knees, and healthy lower back. This is where you're going to have most of your problems. You're going to feel very tight.

After you do that, you're going to want to stretch back out. You're going to do a back stretch, bending the knees, stretching just like that. I feel better already. Ho! It's a bear! We've got to go!