The Beautiful One-Arm Push-Up

Ron Morris:  That's right, Sylvester Stallone popularized the one‑arm pull‑up in "Rocky 14, 3D." I don't know. We're going to show you how to do a one‑arm push‑up using a ring, which is really cool. What we're going to do is, I'll angle this way.

Get your ring, you want to be about, a couple of inches of the floor. That'll do for today. What you're going to do is get into a traditional push‑up position. See that? Just like you're in a normal push‑up. We're going to take that ring, and we're going to move it out. Now it's totally out of the equation.

Make sure your body is squared away. Then come down into a regular push‑up, then back up flexing this arm back and forth a little bit. Good. The cool thing about doing that is, mechanically it works correctly obviously. It doesn't damage any joints or tendons by adding too much compression or pressure to areas that are not used to that.

What we're doing here is the other side. Always do both sides. You can move this hand out a little bit. Make sure you hit it. Boom! Straight up. It's like carving the middle of your body right down the middle. Just Boom! This whole side's working, your whole core's working.

This element is taken out completely in forcing the other parts of your body to really do an extremely intense job, of keeping your ass from tipping over. Let's go up. Pull yourself up. Throw up and go on about your day. No, don't do that! Hey, there'll be more weird stuff coming up. See you later.