Ron Morris shows us how to use Simplicity for Fitness

Ron Morris:  These are called parallets. I know because it said so in the ad. They are called parallets. They're also a really sturdy, stable tool to do a lot of really interesting mechanical maneuvers on, just like gymnastic athletes.

Really, swimmers, gymnasts, they're really the complete athletes. They really use their total body and their physiology for athletic endeavor. Today what we're going to do is something real simple, or it would appear simple.

We're going to take our little parallets and we're going to move them pretty close together. We're going to keep them just wide enough so that I can get my hands there, like a pommel horse.

Then we're going to get way past our hands, and then we're just going to come up, lift our feet and then lean forward. Let me tell you. That's hard. The idea behind showing these kind of things and in this kind of workshop and motivational kind of experience we're trying to develop is that simplicity always works.

Whether it's a long shot at this, whether it's something as simple as just doing a modified cobra and a down dog for five minutes or a push‑up or having two of these and doing something simple like just holding your body up. These are great tools.

We always want to seek more involved tools. We always want to get a $10,000 treadmill. We want to get a huge weight system. We want to get all kinds of gear because we love buying stuff and then it looks like we're doing something.

We do that with our work, we do that with our family, we buy speedboats, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. We create an environment that we got stuff going on. Yet we're overweight, we're unhappy, we're unhealthy.

If you're over 40, chances are you're on some sort of medication. How do we fix this? How do we go back to fix all this and get your lives back? Being able to run with the kids up a hill. We do that by clearing the deck. This is the gym.

This whole area in here has just got nothing but floor, a few tools, and this is the hardest gym you'll have a workout because it's all basic. It's truth and simplistic. If you live a philosophy like that where instead of making more work, you uncover less work by figuring out what exactly you want to do.

Let's take something like, "I want to lose weight and get in shape." If you got a pair of these and you just practice push‑ups on them and decided that pop and bread and pasta and pizza wasn't any good, and you eliminate those, your whole life will change. Simple.

Don't go any further down the road than that. Pick a thing, pick a goal, and accomplish it, move on. Again, this whole series is about motivating yourself in a reality that makes a difference.

Too many people do too many foolish things like joining 12‑week courses. Eight‑week diets. Lose your belly fat in nine minutes. Everybody loves the gimmick and branding. There's no branding or gimmick to this.

Self‑awareness, self‑motivation, and self‑responsibility. No one else is going to do this but you. We got the map, we got the info, we have the track record. Now we're going to help you guys move this forward. All right, see you later.