Ron Morris:  Hey. Hey, up here! Who remembers "My Three Sons"? Remember that? They had all the feet there, and they were playing the accordion, nobody? OK, it's because I'm super old, I'm 106. One of the coolest things I ever learned was a special operator's get up. I learned it from Nate Morrison, very talented individual.

Then I riffed on it and developed it into something else. What we're going to do is you're going to take a pair of very light kettlebells. These are filled with jelly, cookies, and all kinds of wonderful things. What you're going to do is you sit back; one leg under, one leg over.

Then you're going to grab...Well, first we'll do it without so you can get used to the move. Then you're going to come up on one knee, so instead of doing this, right? You don't want to use your hands. You want to be able to do this. Shift and with your hips and your momentum in your abs, pull yourself forward. Sit back down and up. Down and then up.

Then you can do figure eights. You can do circles. Then if you want to amp up the workout, if you only have time for one thing to do, there's a lot you do you're all very busy. Roll up, pause, press down, sit back, shift, roll up, press and down.

That's a lot of work. It's an incredibly intense workout and an incredibly advanced workout. As you're starting any routine like this, you know people have got knees, elbows, and bad backs, blah, blah, blah, learn the mechanics first.

The mechanics, you can start like this. [claps] One knee down. [claps] Up like this, as if you're a sniper. That's what this was originally developed for. Then shift back. Roll up, bang bang, something like that or squat time. It doesn't matter, whatever you want.

Now, I think we can get this. If you want to do a circle, you drop down on your knee. You shift back, and you just rotate shifting your legs from one to the other. Boom! If that doesn't mess with your head, I don't know what will. See you later.