Ron Morris showing us how to do a Dive-Bomber back into Push-Ups

Ron Morris:  My makeup artist just left. They just left.


Ron:  As my cameraman was pointing out, we have no budget for hair, makeup, or anything. In fact, neither of us have hair or makeup. The next thing in our blog is going to be simple; simple push‑up to a dive‑bomb back into push‑ups. Check this out.

Push‑up position, boom. Shift back into what the yogis call the "down dog." Then you scoop up, boom, right? Then you scoop back. Scoop down. Scoop up. Now, what's the importance of that? Shoulders, chest, triceps, core, range of motion, stretching, it's how to amp up your push‑up.

Here's the traditional push‑up. Boom. That's right. You touch your chin and your chest, not your waist, not your naughty area, up, press. Then, the dive‑bomber goes like this. You kind of scoop, you follow the trajectory. Boom you go up, and then you come back.

Incorporating that with, say, pistols or the swing, this would be phenomenal. You can also do it...let's do this.

[background noise]

Ron:  You can do it between a raised surface. Carefully, heavy kettle bells, so they don't move. Then you can scoop down, up, and then scoop back. That really adds a trajectory that's just painful and horrible. It's a road garbage truck. Run! Save yourself, Gary! [laughs] Gary that ought to keep you busy, go away.