Celebrity Stupid

Don't buy the image. Work at it.

Ron MorrisRon Rants about the idea of "buying the image." Too many people waste their money on the quick fixes and look to the superstars for the miracle cures. Stop spending your money on the latest trends. Take care of yourself and take responsibility for your actions. Eat right and do a push up.

The Olympian Diet: McDonalds?

Olympian Diet

What happens when thousands of the worlds best athletes get together for a couple weeks?  Well they eat McDonalds of course!  

Ron is here to share a noteworthy story about the eating habits in the Olympic village.  While we would assume all of these world-class athletes would be very careful what they put into their bodies, the fact of where they chose to eat may shock you.

Paula Dean - What's Wrong With America's Chefs

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