Exercising with Injuries

The Solution to Most Joint Injuries

Solutions for joints

An article about the frequency at which people are developing joint injuries has caught Ron's attention.  Whether talking about an ankle or an elbow, making sure your joints are regularly and properly stretched is key.  Take a look at your overall health because your joint problems are likely tied to other health issues you are currently dealing with.

Stretching – Touch Your Toes

Touch your toes

If you can only do one stretch, what is the single best stretch you can do?  While it may seem trite, all you need to do is touch your toes!  Considering how basic and simple this stretch is, the truth is most people can't touch their toes despite the effectiveness of this stretch.

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The Parkinson's Project explores simple but effective ways to restore balance and coordination. Ron has helped students take back control and a semblance of function-ability in their daily lives.  Ron continues to develop on-going workshops and is excited to share his success with individuals with Parkinson's.

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