Better Snacks

Better SnacksApparently food is the next big thing and better snacks are on the top of everyone's list. Well, Ron doesn't agree. Stop the nonsense. Just eat better. Get outside and excercise. There are too many quick fixes that cater to the laziness that is infesting our country. You don't need snacks. You need get up off the couch and go for a walk.

Food Trucks and Your Health

Ron Morris on Food Trucks

Some scary facts and statistics are the center focus of our most recent blogpost.  As the American food industry continues to compete to serve the fastest, cheapest, "tastiest," and most-food-for-your-buck title, the loser of the whole fight is in fact US!  The rates at which Americans are becoming sick and developing long term health ailments is startling to say the least.  Ron is spreading the message that there is a direct correlation between this "competitive food" mentality and these historic levels of poor health we face today in America.

Style is Never “To Die For”

Style never to die for

Ron is back to offer some subtle parenting advice for all you lovely mothers and fathers with "trendy, stylish" children.  Ron is very worried about the messages and examples we are setting for our children.  We hear so much about "style" and "fashion" but where are all the messages about health and fitness?  Our culture has established some unfortunate role models.  Ron wants to see change!

Nature vs. Fitness Center

Nature vs fitness center

The amount of money being spent on health and fitness is incredible.  A great example is United Healthcare spending millions of dollars on a new campus that features a multi-million dollar gym in which very few people actually use.  Ron raises some interesting questions about even how society values working out.  Has working out turned into a status symbol?  "How nice is the gym you go to?  What brand of running shoes do you wear?"  Well Ron is sick of it!  Fitness is about personal health and we all need to refocus on the core principle rather than the fluff on the side.  Trust us, a $2500 treadmill is not a required to sweat.

Removing Salt From Your Diet

Remove Salt from your diet

As the potential health risks from sodium continue to be found, Ron is here is give Boston Market a stamp of approval.  While there are plenty of ways to continue improvement, Boston Market took a small step in helping highlight the risks of salt in your diet.  It is disappointing to see the negative push-back Boston Market (and other health conscious brands) get when they make these sorts of efforts to make some helpful change.

The Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup (Hint: It’s Bad)

Ron Morris on High Fructois corn syrup

Is sugar the new tobacco?  The scary effects of refined sugar continue to come out these days.  The fact is in the the US we do not really even realize how much processed sugar is around in our everyday food.  Ron is here with a message, if you can remove refined sugar from your diet,  achieving your fitness goals is not far away!

The Olympian Diet: McDonalds?

Olympian Diet

What happens when thousands of the worlds best athletes get together for a couple weeks?  Well they eat McDonalds of course!  

Ron is here to share a noteworthy story about the eating habits in the Olympic village.  While we would assume all of these world-class athletes would be very careful what they put into their bodies, the fact of where they chose to eat may shock you.

The Crossfit Craze

Ron Morris on Cross Fit

What is the deal with CrossFit?  What do you need to know about this newly hot topic?  Ron is answering those questions and letting you know that CrossFit is nothing new and is likely something you already implement into your regular workout.  Understanding the rationale in the CrossFit approach is important, but the execution of your workout is much more important.

What You Put In Is What You Get Out

Ron Morris on fitness

Ron is back with your "little conscious bender" for today.  With the rise of type II diabetes and other illnesses, Ron wants to make sure you take an active role in your own healthcare.  Take responsibility for making your life more healthy today!

Eating Healthy Costs Less

Ron Morris on Food Health

With a recent study in hand, Ron discusses the cost of eating healthy in American today.  While you might think you may be saving money today by eating your cheap fast food, in the long run, both your health and bank account will be worse off with the high-calorie fast food.  We all need to take a big picture approach to eating and better appreciate the long term affects of our eating choices.

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