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Maces and Lunges

Maces and lunges

The Mace is an incredible tool that can be used in a variety of ways to build muscle and flexibility. These are simple exercises that get great results. Try these workouts and you'll be feeling the burn fast. 

Mace and Bosu

Mace and Bosu

Ron plays with his new toy, the Mace. Using basic techniques with the mace while also utilizing the Bosu, you can create a lot of dynamic tension.  You'll build core strength and improve balance. A challenging excercise that is a lot of fun to try.

More Crossfit with Kettlebells and Rings

Ron MorrisAmp up your workout with Kettlebells and rings. These are some monster excercises that will help with strength, flexibility, agility and cardio. And stay until the end to see Ron's new tatoo!

Cross Training with Kettlebells and Rings

Ron Morris

Ron continues with his rant about "Crossfit" by showing you more ways to cross train with a variety of tools. In this post, Ron shows you some excercises with Kettlebells and Rings.

Circuit Training with Rings, a pull-up bar and kettlebells

Circuit Training

"Crossfit" or ciruit training with rings, pull-ups, push-ups, and kettlebells. A great way to keep your heartrate up and work an array of muscles. A dynamic workout that will get you cut!

Kettebell workout that is safe for your body

Ron Morris and StudentWe have all been there, not feeling like following through with our workout due to injury, sickness, or other excuses we can come up with.  In this blogpost Ron provides some thoughts and motivation on how you can still get a workout in when you are not feeling up to it.  A low impact, high reward kettlebell workout may be your answer.

Pullover with Kettlebell

Ron Morris PulloverRon explains the basic technique of a kettle bell pullover in this blogpost.  Two powerful kettlebell exercises are demonstrated in the video.  Take a look and learn how you can implement some 'Hanzo Ranch variation' kettlebell bench exercises into your workout.

One Legged Snatch with Kettlebell

One Legged Snatch Ron MorrisAn improvement to the traditional kettlebell snatch is demonstrated in this post.  Ron breaks down how with proper posture and using the opposite leg and hand combinations, a traditional kettlebell snatch can be improved upon.  This technique is great for total body training and martial arts training.

Renegade Rows

Ron Morris Renegade RowsIn this blogpost Ron introduces us to 'Renegade Rows.'  While there are a variety of ways to perform rows, Ron breaks shows a few of these and explains what you should specifically focus on depending on your individual workout goals.

Floor Attack with Kettlebells

Ron Morris Floor AttacksAfter first introducing us all to some friends, Ron walks through step-by-step how to do floor attacks correctly.  While the exercise is derived from your hip action, Ron provides some ideas of what else could be added to the exercise to improve your training. 

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