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Kettlebells - Figure Eights with movement

Figure Eights ron MorrisMovement with strength, a very important concept when working to reach your fitness goals.  An exercise that exemplifies this approach is kettlebell figure eights with movement.  Ron displays the basic figure eight motion and also shows how one could add combinations into the exercise.  Whether keeping it simple or adding snatches into your figure eights, be sure to keep technique and posture as high priorities.

Kettlebells - Double Clean

Double Clean Ron MorrisThe kettlebell quest continues as we learn how to perform a kettlebell clean.  Ron demonstrates the basic double clean technique and how this can move into the see-saw press.  Of course Ron is sure to explain the important factors of this exercise and how weight and workload are not the most critical elements.

Kettlebells - The Clean

Clean Ron MorrisExclusively from the Hanzo Ranch, Ron Morris teaches you "possibly the hardest thing you will ever learn."  A proper kettlebell clean is rarely done right and can be dangerous when done wrong.  Learning great clean technique is the basis for learning great core control and power control.  This blogpost is an essential component for getting the most out of your future kettlebell workouts.

Kettlebell Swing

Kettle Bell Swing Ron MorrisThe kettlebell swing; a basic necessity for any well rounded kettlebell routine.  Ron and his good friend Gary take us step-by-step through the proper form of a kettlebell swing.  With this exercise in place, you will be well on your way to building an economical, time-saving, impactful kettlebell workout routine.

Kettlebell Exercises

Ron Morris Kettlebell

Ron walks us through a kettlebell routine by bringing together some previously learned techniques as well as some brand new ones.  Together, these exercises can build numerous workout routines and can be the basis for your entire fitness program.  Follow along with Ron and learn more about exercising with kettlebells.

Kettlebells - Figure eights

Figure Eights ron MorrisWhile a kettlebell figure eight does not look like much, it is one "bad mamma jamma move."  A kettlebell figure eight will likely be "bad" in another sort of way if you don't follow the correct front to back movement.  Watch the video to see how to perform a figure eight properly so you can implement this "bad mamma jammer" in your next workout.

Kettlebell Push Ups

KB Push ups Ron Morris

Ready for a 5 minute workout that will incorporate the benefits of a pushup, squat and a swing into a single powerful exercise?  Ron guides us through a great kettlebell routine that everyone should add to their workout.

Kettlebell Swing

Kettle Bell Swing Ron Morris

A proper kettlebell swing is sharp, concise, clean and to the point.  Learn it, own it, and let a great kettlebell swing take your workout to the next level.  

Introduction to Kettlebells

Kettle Bell Swing Ron MorrisLet the kettlebell fun begin!  This blogpost is the first of a series of kettlebell related exercises that will open your eyes to the power of kettlebell training.  As one of the midwest's first and most knowledgeable kettlebell instructors, Ron is excited to share his kettlebell experience with you.

The Perfect Push Up and BOSU

Perfect push up and bosuRon is back with a creative exercise that integrates both the Perfect Pushup and BOSU.  The setup creates an unstable dynamic that will challenge your muscles and increase their development.  Watch the video and consider how you can work the exercise into your routine.

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