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Tools for Push Ups

Tools for push ups

Ron shows us some simple and effective exercises using the Perfect Pushup. Simply holding your body up with proper form and adding some basic movement can have a big impact on many of your upper body muscles.   Along with showing some exercises who can do using the Perfect Pushup, Ron breaks down the positives of them and explains why you should equip yourself with a pair of Perfect Pushups ASAP.

Swiss Ball Squats

swiss ball squats

Learning safe, correct squatting technique is essential to getting the most out of the exercise while also protecting your knees and back.  Using a Swiss ball, Ron demonstrates the proper squatting form and breathing pattern.  This blogpost sheds more light on the fact that a few inexpensive workout tools can go a LONG way.

Swiss Ball Stretch #2

Stretching with Swiss Ball

Stretching with a Swiss ball is back for round number two!  The Swiss ball is a great tool to help stretch out and "open up the body."  While "cross fit" has become the trendy exercise term of today, the fact is Ron has been teaching these same techniques for years.  Building strength and adding flexibility is what most everyone wants.  Adding a Swiss ball to your work out routine is an inexpensive and powerful way to elevate your core strength and flexibility.

Stretching with the Swiss Ball

Stretching with Swiss Ball

Learning how to properly stretch with a Swiss ball can pay huge dividends in your quest to become physically fit.  With so many people facing knee, core, and lower back issues, regularly stretching out your entire body is essential.  A Swiss ball is a great tool for really working to open up and stretch your body out.  Follow along as Ron talks you through the basics of what you need to know about getting started with a Swiss ball.

BOSU for Abs and Balance

Abs and Balance

There are many uses for your BOSU, but increasing your balance and agility is one of the best.  While many people simply think of physical fitness as strength and endurance, Ron wants to be sure to point out balance is an extremely important aspect of being physically fit.  This is especially true as you get older since the ramifications of poor agility and balance is most likely falling and getting hurt.  Watch as Ron demonstrates some simple exercises with the BOSU you can do today.

BOSU Push-ups

bosu push up

We all are familiar with the good old fashioned pushup, right?  Well Ron shows us his trusty BOSU and how this tool can add some powerful variation to your standard pushup.  Whether right-side-up or upside-down, the BOSU will give you a number of push-up variation options that will really allow you to change the dynamics of your workout.

BOSU Fitness

Bosu Fitness

Have you ever seen one of these?  Welcome to your introduction and crash course on the BOSU, your next favorite fitness tool!  Ron spends time in this blogpost explaining the basics of the BOSU, the first things to know when working with it, and of course walks us through an introductory balance exercise you can begin with.  Be prepared as more BOSU fun is on the way!

Gymnastic Ring Work-Out (Dips)

Ring Dips

Ron is back with a second blogpost about how to implement gymnastic rings into your workout routine.  In this post, Ron focuses on dips and how adding rings in your dip routine will provide some great benefits.  The moving dynamic of rings will require your muscles to act quickly and at unfamilar angles which in return provides enhanced benefits on top of those gained by a standard dip. 

The Ultimate Push Ups

ring push ups

What happens when you add gymnastic rings to a push up?  You have created the Ultimate Push Up!  The dynamic of movement creates many variations and opportunities to change your workout and really elevate your push ups.  Check out the video and see in action how rings can be used to help you train with the Ultimate Push Up. 

In the New Year…Fitness Training is All About Simplicity

Ring in the New Year with Ron Morris

As the New Year has arrived it is time for you kick start your workout resolution.  What Ron has in mind for you is to simplify your effort.  Simplify your workout routine and equipment you use.  Simplify your diet and vitamin regimen.  Take it back to the basics of strength, flexibility, and balance and stop overcomplicating the process.  Ron shares some insight on why simplicity rules and also discusses the first "simple" piece of equipment; gymnast rings.

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