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Nature vs. Fitness Center

Nature vs fitness center

The amount of money being spent on health and fitness is incredible.  A great example is United Healthcare spending millions of dollars on a new campus that features a multi-million dollar gym in which very few people actually use.  Ron raises some interesting questions about even how society values working out.  Has working out turned into a status symbol?  "How nice is the gym you go to?  What brand of running shoes do you wear?"  Well Ron is sick of it!  Fitness is about personal health and we all need to refocus on the core principle rather than the fluff on the side.  Trust us, a $2500 treadmill is not a required to sweat.

Happiness is Simple (No Joke!)

Ron Morris on Happiness

Ron is back to share his thoughts on happiness and how nurturing happiness in your life is actually a really simple process.  A grounded, all-encompassing spherical approach will greatly help you bring true joy to your life.  

The Crossfit Craze

Ron Morris on Cross Fit

What is the deal with CrossFit?  What do you need to know about this newly hot topic?  Ron is answering those questions and letting you know that CrossFit is nothing new and is likely something you already implement into your regular workout.  Understanding the rationale in the CrossFit approach is important, but the execution of your workout is much more important.

Shoulder Health

Shoulder Health

Shoulder health is the topic of choice in the blogpost today.  We are typically very hard on our shoulders throughout our day-to-day life, so making sure to properly open your shoulders can pay huge dividends.  Ron also goes into detail on some wrist and forearm stretches that will surely help your arms and upper body.

Weekly Challenge: Agility Training 101 – Week 1

Weekly Challenge

Ron is here with a weekly agility challenge for you.  Find yourself a nice stable bench and start improving your agility today!

Workplace Workouts – Doors

Workplace workouts - doors

Is your back bothering you?  Looking for a simple yet really effective technique to loosen and open your back muscles?  Look no further than your nearest door!  Ron walks us through a simple way to stretch out your back as long as you have access to a door.

Stretching – Touch Your Toes

Touch your toes

If you can only do one stretch, what is the single best stretch you can do?  While it may seem trite, all you need to do is touch your toes!  Considering how basic and simple this stretch is, the truth is most people can't touch their toes despite the effectiveness of this stretch.

Workplace Workouts – Picking Things Up

Picking things up

Performing daily work tasks with proper form is an easy way to add exercise into your regular work day.  Learning how to pick up items correctly is very important for your health and fitness success.  Be sure to use your body and legs to lift heavy objects from the ground.

Workplace Workouts – The Ab Toner

Ab toner at work

Ron is back with another great Workplace Workout idea for you!  Start working on toning your abs and core by simply holding yourself up!  Follow along as Ron explains the simple exercise and the benefits behind it.

Push-Ups and Stair Steps: Gym Not Required

Push ups and stairs

There are many ways to use steps to help get yourself in proper physical shape.  Ron is here to share a fantastic workout that you can do anywhere with a set of stairs.

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