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Ron Morris Rant imageRon is talking today about first responders, EMT, police, anybody who is a volunteer or paid professional in this post. He is looking to create a place for them to train, be trained, and be helped in the most critical ways, which is mind, body, spirit.

Start Paying Attention

HanzoThis set of rants is all about how human beings just aren't paying attention. Society as a whole is not paying attention.

Mannequins getting makeovers

Ron MorrisMannequins are getting a makeover to look more realistic; i.e., fat and dumpy so you can feel good about yourself when you go buy that Beluga dress that you've been dreaming about for all your life or, guys, you're getting those Sansabelts that come up to here, right under your female/male breasts.

Pop. Stop it!

Ron on PopPop and high-fructose corn syrup has become the cause of the obesity epidemic that is happening in America. We are killing ourselves and doing nothing to stop it. We continue to eat unhealthy food and sugary pops and they are destroying our insides. Stop it!

Better Snacks

Better SnacksApparently food is the next big thing and better snacks are on the top of everyone's list. Well, Ron doesn't agree. Stop the nonsense. Just eat better. Get outside and excercise. There are too many quick fixes that cater to the laziness that is infesting our country. You don't need snacks. You need get up off the couch and go for a walk.

Fall is the time to get in shape. Or is it?

Ron Morris

Look kids, it's simple. Two good meals a day, go for a walk, touch your toes, follow the blogs, and start thinking for yourself. This fall, stop making excuses and stop saying "Now is the time" or "I'll start tomorrow" or "I'll be fit by next year." Stop talking about it and just do it.

Don't buy the image. Work at it.

Ron MorrisRon Rants about the idea of "buying the image." Too many people waste their money on the quick fixes and look to the superstars for the miracle cures. Stop spending your money on the latest trends. Take care of yourself and take responsibility for your actions. Eat right and do a push up.

Ron on Orthorexia

In this short blog, Ron talks about Orthorexia and how people continue to make excuses about their diet. Ron tells us to stop trying to find explanations and excuses for why we eat poorly or in this case "too well." Have some self control, eat right, and take care of yourself.

The Science of Work Out Music

Science of MusicRon talks about a recent article on the "Science of Music." Claiming that the article is just another excuse for you to do nothing, Ron encourages you to get out and explore. Nature is the only gym you need and you don't need gimmicks to lose weight and get in shape.

Fitness and Aging - NO Excuses!

Fitness and Aging - Ron Morris

Ron is excited to see that there are still people in this world that are living healthy. He talks about how inspiring it is to see that a 94 year old woman, Olga, continues to get out and stay fit. "She jogs around, she has friends, she eats real food that exists in the real universe, and she has a purpose in life, a reason to get up and get out."

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