Cross Training with wheel, mace and kettlebell

Ron MorrisRon flexibility, agility, core power, and strength. True cross training that will hit everything and give you a great workout. Feel great and get in shape using these simple tools of the trade.

Swiss Ball Stretch #2

Stretching with Swiss Ball

Stretching with a Swiss ball is back for round number two!  The Swiss ball is a great tool to help stretch out and "open up the body."  While "cross fit" has become the trendy exercise term of today, the fact is Ron has been teaching these same techniques for years.  Building strength and adding flexibility is what most everyone wants.  Adding a Swiss ball to your work out routine is an inexpensive and powerful way to elevate your core strength and flexibility.

Stretching with the Swiss Ball

Stretching with Swiss Ball

Learning how to properly stretch with a Swiss ball can pay huge dividends in your quest to become physically fit.  With so many people facing knee, core, and lower back issues, regularly stretching out your entire body is essential.  A Swiss ball is a great tool for really working to open up and stretch your body out.  Follow along as Ron talks you through the basics of what you need to know about getting started with a Swiss ball.

BOSU for Abs and Balance

Abs and Balance

There are many uses for your BOSU, but increasing your balance and agility is one of the best.  While many people simply think of physical fitness as strength and endurance, Ron wants to be sure to point out balance is an extremely important aspect of being physically fit.  This is especially true as you get older since the ramifications of poor agility and balance is most likely falling and getting hurt.  Watch as Ron demonstrates some simple exercises with the BOSU you can do today.

Shoulder Health

Shoulder Health

Shoulder health is the topic of choice in the blogpost today.  We are typically very hard on our shoulders throughout our day-to-day life, so making sure to properly open your shoulders can pay huge dividends.  Ron also goes into detail on some wrist and forearm stretches that will surely help your arms and upper body.

The Solution to Most Joint Injuries

Solutions for joints

An article about the frequency at which people are developing joint injuries has caught Ron's attention.  Whether talking about an ankle or an elbow, making sure your joints are regularly and properly stretched is key.  Take a look at your overall health because your joint problems are likely tied to other health issues you are currently dealing with.

Workplace Workouts – Doors

Workplace workouts - doors

Is your back bothering you?  Looking for a simple yet really effective technique to loosen and open your back muscles?  Look no further than your nearest door!  Ron walks us through a simple way to stretch out your back as long as you have access to a door.

Stretching – Touch Your Toes

Touch your toes

If you can only do one stretch, what is the single best stretch you can do?  While it may seem trite, all you need to do is touch your toes!  Considering how basic and simple this stretch is, the truth is most people can't touch their toes despite the effectiveness of this stretch.

Workplace Workouts – Picking Things Up

Picking things up

Performing daily work tasks with proper form is an easy way to add exercise into your regular work day.  Learning how to pick up items correctly is very important for your health and fitness success.  Be sure to use your body and legs to lift heavy objects from the ground.

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