Testimonial #1: Holistic, Customizable Workouts

Testimonial for Ron Morris

Ron is back with one of his students, Tom.  Tom is here to provide some feedback on the experience he has had working with Ron on the Hanzo Ranch.  Fitting a plan to a specific individuals lifestyle is essential to having a plan that actually translates to success.  Tom talks through the insight he has gained and how he actively workouts with his hectic schedule. 

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Ron Morris Training

For over 25 years, Ron Morris has provided transformational change to people of all walks of life, including teenagers, college students, SWAT team members, world explorers, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

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Parkinson's Project

The Parkinson's Project explores simple but effective ways to restore balance and coordination. Ron has helped students take back control and a semblance of function-ability in their daily lives.  Ron continues to develop on-going workshops and is excited to share his success with individuals with Parkinson's.

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