Workout Tools

One-Arm Push-Ups

One-Arm Push-up - Ron Morris Fitness Blog ImageIn this post, Ron Morris shows us how to do a One-Arm Push-Up using a ring. This is a cool workout to do, and really works one half of your body and your core. So make sure to check out this video and start practice to get into shape for summer!

Dive-Bomber Into Push-Ups

Dive-Bomber into Push-ups - Ron Morris Fitness Blog PostIn this week's post Ron Morris shows us how to do a dive-bomber into push-ups. Using influences from Yoga and Real Physical Fitness, Ron shows us how to easily stay fit even with a busy schedule. Check it out here.

Airborne Leg Workout

Airborne Leg Workout - Ron Morris Fitness Blog ImageIn this Blog Post, Ron shows us how to do an airborne leg workout. It's a great way to start to get your legs and core back in shape for summer. Ten minutes a day to help you get health abs, legs, knees and lower back!

Simplicity For Fitness

Simplicity For Fitness - Ron Morris FitnessRon Morris shows us simplicity for fitness in this blog post. He uses parallets in this episode to hold up his body and generates a workout using simple tools for fitness. Click here and check out this video!

One Pull-Up A Day.

Ron Morris Doing a pull-up

In this week's blog post, Ron Morris tells us how doing one pull-up, one squat and one push-up a day will increase your strength. Ron also shows us 3 grips for pull-ups.

5 Minute Ring Work Out

Part animal part machineHere's your five‑minute ring workout. You can start with your rings high. And then we will move them low. A lot of variations that work a variety of muscles.

Old School - Perfect Push Up

Push UpI'm going to show you some variations on the Perfect Push‑Up. If, in fact, you just don't want to go to a gym, you don't have access to a gym, you don't like gyms ‑‑ all of the above for me ‑‑ this is the way to go.

Slackline Warmup

SlacklineThe slackline is a great tool for an easy and fun workout. It create sstability and balance in your core, your hip flexors, your knees, your ankles. It is a really good rehab tool and a great way to build core strength by learning how to balance.

Rings Basics

Ron on RingsUsing rings is an effective and fun way to build strength and tone muscles. "This works your shoulders, your chest, your back, your waist, your balance, because you're learning to manipulate and guide your body with your own body strength. "

Perfect Push Up and the Slackline

Ron Morris

Utilize multiple tools at once and get a greater workout. By using the perfect push up while balancing on the slackline, you will get an incredibly dynamic workout. Use these tips to work on upper body muscles, core and leg strength.

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